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Best (very) slow release Vitamin C at lowish dose?


I have moderate CFS with 'severe dips' (I would say. I've had it for 10 years and discovered many things about my version of it. If I take vitamin C at an amount I can feel (large dosage really 4g day or even 2g a day, spread across the day, actually 500mg I can feel significantly and I basically get a 'rebound crash' after it has worn off, making vitamin c tablets dangerous too me). They can even trigger viral reactivation it seems and I can come down with thing that feels like a cold for months after having one vitamin c tablet, literally, they give me colds (somehow). However, if that did happen, and I take lots more, it makes it go away again (and some other generally pleasant benefits, more energy, feel healthier etc).

Problem is, at night I obviously can't keep taking it so I wake up with a terrible crash. I ended up learning after lots of attempts to fight my colds (caught from other normal reasons) with vitamin C which works and then ends up making it worse, to give up on the supplement and actually avoid it. I've become very sensitive to it it seems and now a little bit makes me feel slightly 'high'. I don't know why but maybe something to do with my 'adrenaline gland'? Just a guess, dont understand (some other things seem to feel a bit similar.... wont go into it now). So it might keep me awake at night but my body tends to adjust so I think its worth ago... if the release can be sustained over a long period of time.

Basically I'm starting a supplement regime of B Vitamins, Zinc and Iron too which for various good reasons I believe may help me. I thought Vitamin C is an important one for synergies and absorption of these etc which is why I'm trying to find some I can survive on. So I'm just looking for the lowest dose, longest release Vitamin C out there.

I have seen there are 500MG ones that apparantly can be released over 6-7 hours which seems not too bad (a little high for me) and I saw unfortunately that it isn't released evenly and the last hour of the 7 only 50MG is released, whereas in the first hour 250MG is, which means there is a sharp contrast which makes my teeth wobble and crash immunologically, I could literally get ill from one of these taking it day or night. I had a nasty crash almost making me fall asleep 2 hours early yesterday from trying a 200mg one (not slow release) just to see how it works these days (have avoided them for years). Conclusion: It was no good and also bad for my teeth (lol) because of the ascorbic acid. Obviously a slow release one isn't chewable (learned long ago but couldn't find a low dose one...). So, any advice? (sorry for the long post!).

Thank you!

P.S. If it is 500MG or even slightly more I could tolerate it, as long as it is actually evenly released, lower still better as I could always take 2.



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Have you tried just using things like rose hip supplements? I tried and they upset my stomach but maybe if your vitamin c is in a food form it might release more slowly but in a natural way.


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Sorry to hear of your difficulties. Personally benefited a lot and took 25g ascorbic acid a day the last 12 years. Absolutely no bad effects from it.

Where do you life, so the most economic slow release available to you could be recommented? Natural forms wich don't increase blood levels too high but stay elevated for longer are mineral ascorbate powders (sodium-, potassium-, or magnesium ascorbate). Have you tried any of those?

Further liposomal (also available liquid for restrain in dosing) does show a 150% larger area under the curve intracellularly. Finally one could find online instruction on how to make slow release oneself, and thereby maybe being able to alter the release profile?

And finally high ascorbic acid containing food, like for example acerola powder would be worthwhile to trial and see if better tolerated.