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Berlin Conference: Summary by the Morten Research Group, Oxford


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The HLA DR gene thing is talked about in 'CIRS', supposedly a CFS like illness caused by an inability to process or expell antigens ( bacteria toxins, mold toxins etc ) from the body, doctors Shoemaker and Andrew Heyman, however there is some controversy about the accuracy of this gene in predicting whether people have the potential to develop 'CIRS'. Its interesting to see that Scheibenbogen is looking into the same thing ( by the sounds of it ). I searched about this recently and found that its possible to get the 'HLA typing' test for this in the UK, but not easy, I only found it offered by a clinic in the center of London. It seems easier and cheaper to get the tests which are claimed to diagnose 'CIRS' in the USA. I did mycotoxin testing though and I found I had abnormal levels of 3 separate mycotoxins.

" The 25% + of people who carry the HLA-DRBQ gene related to mold toxicity do not make the antibodies needed to deactivate and remove mold toxins. Their bodies cannot recognize the mold toxins as ‘bad guys’ to be eliminated. So the toxins get stored… "