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In all honesty, today, 24 hours later I can't even recall what I saw or heard. Sorry, brain fog.


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I have said it before but its worth repeating - the solution will not come from the UK. The reason is quite simple, there is no research funding for anything but exercise, CBT and obesity. The NHS doesn't diagnose either ME/CFS or Long Covid in any numbers and on top of that the research funding is all funnelled to try and stop people getting benefits. The BBC is there to minimise these disease, it will constantly claim they aren't that bad and that lots of research has been done and there is a cure etc etc. Just expect this continuously forever more but it will never come to anything other than GET and CBT being available in the NHS. I even see the ONS is now in on the giant denial after being a hold out with the reports on Long Covid, even it now isn't explaining why disabilities are rising sharply.

I would love to think differently but as you look at the research being funded, the papers being produced and all the various aspects of state it all points to a strategy of minimisation and whipping up prejudice in the populace.