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Basic Methylation Question


Senior Member
So I've been seeing many posts about over methylation, undermethylation, methyl donors, and supplements that increase it or decrease it. I'm sort of confused as would this type of thing only apply to people who have trouble methylating such as the MTHFR defect? Do people who don't have this defect not have to worry about methylation? Or does having CFS cause even normal people to have problems with their methylation pathways regardless of genetic defects? I'm new when it comes to this methylation stuff so I don't know if this is common knowledge. Thanks.
Methylation can be a difficult subject to wrap your head around. The MTHFR gene is only one piece of of a complicated metabolic pathway. Dr. Amy Yasko has a series of videos on YouTube that are interesting and you will feel like your a geneticist when your done watching them!

From watching her videos I learned that you can over methylate in one part of the cycle and under methylate in another part of the cycle. You have to sort of put the pieces together. If you have the raw data for your genetics you can upload them into Genetic Genie or Heartfixer to see what degree of variation you have. Sorry I can't be more helpful! I am currently revisiting the world of methylation and I am surprised at how much I have forgotten.