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Bad day today - ME or just ill?


I've felt ill all day today.
Over the last 3 or 4 days, I've had hardly any ME symptoms. I was taken to do my 'big shop' and could feel trouble brewing after that, so just sat down and let my mum finish cooking dinner for us, ate, relaxed and early night. Also had a couple of visitors one evening, and a bit of guitar hero with them, so though I didn't feel it directly, maybe an effect there.
Yesterday though, I was relaxing most of the day, and felt pretty good.

Anyway, I've been keeping a symptom's list for ages, and it's morphed into a diary over time. I wonder if what happened today is ME, or just a bug?

From today's diary:

Woke up.
Didn't get up straight away as not properly awake.
Don't feel well at all. Even in the dark, lying down I felt dizzy.
Whenever I turned over I felt a bit nauseous too.
Once I opened my eyes, the room was spinning, which made me feel worse.

After about half an hour, got up.
Feel a bit dizzy and nauseous.

Went to the toilet, and while sitting felt like I needed to be sick.
Weighed myself, and when I turned round to pick my jumpers up felt really dizzy.

Now writing this, have shaky hands, nausea to the point where I really feel I'm going to be sick, and have started getting really hot.

Weight 160.0

Had to run to the bathroom as soon as I'd written the above.
Have been sick.
Was clear liquid with a slight yellow to it.
I hadn't noted it, but I'd drunk a pint of water over the last hour or so before bed.
I don't want to get dehydrated, and I was a little worried about that due to having the heating on recently.
In the past, after exercise, or if I was hot, I'd down a pint of water in one hit. Sometimes more. I guess that wasn't too smart having heard since of the dangers of drinking too much water, but I don't think I ever got near the levels of that.
Over time that changed, and I would feel nauseous if I drank too much water in one go. Now I suspect a mug would do it, though I haven't tested the theory.

I'm feeling sick again now after sitting and writing.

Was sick again.
A lot more this time. same stuff though.
After first time, lower back and back of neck felt really uncomfortable and achy, that's gone now.
Still don't feel right, but a bit clearer headed. Going back to bed anyway. It's 8.15am.

Got up and was sick again.
Went back to bed.

Got up
watched a little TV and listened to radio. Switched between sitting and lying on the couch for a while.
Any movement when sitting up makes me feel sick again.

Took 2 x ibuprofen, as getting real pain in eye sockets. Sinuses?
Had the strong pulse thing again when lying on the couch. Just below ribs again, but also along a line to belly button.
The ibuprofen have eased the pain, and maybe the nausea, though that could just be time. I feel a bit nauseous being sat at the computer again. Though the spinning room has stopped, there's a very slight feeling that my eyes want to twitch now and again.

Took a chance on eating
Home made soup, 4 x toast. Vitamins and cod liver oil. Peppermint tea.
Stopped at 3.5 toast, and had a couple of spoons of the soup, but left half of it.
Really, having missed a few days of vitamins (weren't as fully in view, but visible while cooking now) wanted to make sure I keep up with taking them.
Started getting a lot of burping even before I'd finished. Still a lot now.

Pounding pulse is there again
Just surfing web, and find that looking down to keyboard makes me feel queasy.

Anyone had a similar day?
The few good days and much of my reading have made me think I've got something very wrong with me, but not necessarily ME. Not sure which way a day like this should adjust that opinion....


Senior Member
Austin, TX
Crap, blackbird. I'm so sorry. Weirdly, I've been sick, too, beginning about a week ago. I thought first that I was just tired (though I'd stayed down longer than usual lately), then thought it was some kind of cold, then certain it was the flu by Tuesday night; sick all day Wednesday, thought I would throw up; had diahrrea, Thursday felt better, Friday sick again. I'm trying not to think about it this weekend. What's weird is I NEVER get sick w/o my kids first getting me sick. NO ONE in my house is sick. Sometimes I wonder if it's detox crap. I missed some Neural Therapy appointments b/c of Thanksgiving. Can you make sure you are hydrated? Can you ingest something nutritious that isn't supplements? The other weird thing is that the day I got sick, I was taking all my supplements & a crapload of vitamin C. Please tell me how you do tonight.


Thanks for the replies.

Still not sure what this is. Feels a lot like I've felt before. Both before and after being treated for helicobacter (twice).

Felt rough all day today. Not eating until I feel ready either. That just seems to prolong things. Had another couple of pain killers this afternoon as the sinus thing seemed about to start again. Never been a pill taker, but just not in the mood today.

When I get up from lying on the couch I get really dizzy and almost faint. I guess that adds POTS to my list of symptoms then. (been happening once in a while for years, just though it was normal that it'd happen once in a while, and never had a name for it)

weight was down to 158.4 after yesterday. Lowest since I started noting it, and if I don't feel well enough to eat before the day's out, will likely be lower again tomorrow.