Autoantibody Treatment?


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Curious after researching and have not found any definitive answers.

Does anyone know if some of the antibodies seen in CFS (dopamine, andrenergic, acetylcholine, etc) for receptors are treatable or ever go away?

Have seen some mention of immunoabsorption but that’s it. Can’t imagine them staying for life but definitely not an expert on gay subject either


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Immunoadsorption (or plasmapheresis) Can temporarily remove antibodies so that you can see if removing them resolves symptoms. You are right, this is a temporary intervention. I have seen in a couple of cases where this strategy is used first, and then when it does remove symptoms, then the patient is given a course of Rituximab over a year to whack all the B cells as they are being created, and whacking them again repeatedly, until the body learns to stop making the bad antibodies. At least that's the theory, and layman's terms. My doctor has been using these strategies on patients for about 6 years. I have not done the immunoadsorption part but did do the Rituximab, and it is been helpful. It seems to not be so important which antibodies you're going after, justthat you're killing off the antibodies that are causing the symptoms.