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Autism spectrum and genetic inheritance ..................................

YippeeKi YOW !!

Senior Member
Second star to the right ...
I know there’s a lot of interest in autism both on its own and for its implications and contributions to ME …. I thought this might clarify some preconceptions and misconceptions about the autism spectrum ….

I think that the following is the most important information in these studies, and should give us all a lot of food for thought, and for many of us, a lot of grounds for gratitude on the basis that, you know, things could have been worse….

“Jonathan Sebat, Ph.D., professor of psychiatry and cellular and molecular medicine
at UCSD and senior author on Antaki et al, said, ‘The spectrum of symptom
severity in ASD is attributable to a spectrum of genetic influence. People
who meet diagnostic criteria for autism may have the most genetic factors
for autism, but these types of factors are present to varying degrees
in all of us.
We are all somewhere on a continuum’ “
Differences in Genetic Influences Among People All Along the Autism Spectrum

Rufous McKinney

Senior Member
very interesting...100s of genes involved...or variants of genes....

Growing up: where were all these people? thats the odd thing. A boy down the block had polio. One kid in class was slow, and needed extra help, and everybody was kind to Jimmy.

So then this condition proliferates across hill and dale. Autistic. Or on spectrum.

I remain suspect that something has increased these issues or expanded their scope and range.

I'd say many people will have variations of these themes, given that many genes may be involved.

Perhaps there is literally a gene for: cannot tolerate scratchy fabrics and labels on clothes. Thats me.

Rufous McKinney

Senior Member
I remain suspect that something has increased these issues or expanded their scope and range.

this topic overlaps another conspiracy topic I wonder about: the now ubiquitous ear infections.

I was a sick kid, got EVERYTHING infectious known to mankind. Missed tons of elementary school.

Never had an ear infection.

My daughter got them every two months.

Everybody was getting them≥

I think they released a mutant ear infection bug.