Australians especially in Qld?, NDIS advice asking, update on wellbeing :)

Hi. Any Australians here who have been dealing with the ndis?
I am recently relocated to Qld and finding it challenging to get the right help across the services I already have listed on my plan.
I am up for plan review due to change of circumstances (huge changes and health affected further by stress trauma effects).

Still have heaps of therapy funding left.
Doing speech therapy via zoom/phone.
Counseling and psychology also started.

Had to get physio (in person) rescheduled today as still on bed rest with pem.
That will be in person(starting it up here and still remember some of what previous physio said and once a week therapy assistant via zoom/phone helps with that and other therapy homework to do).

Occupational therapy being sorted out too to go back to... Hopefully this time more cfs help given.
Anxiety conditions main thing on ndis listed with noted trauma affects thus some extra funding.

Documents have to be certain way phrased for cfs and apsergers to be listed on ndis.

At plan review I hope that it will also be noted. As need help with such instead of always having to go under anxiety listing for therapy help.

Gp has a range of conditions listed including the cfs, asd...etc.,

Its so frustrating that I have to keep explaining myself to professionals in ndis and others who just don't get it.

Looks like will have to use more support hours with support worker(Mable website is great with that) and look into other options to get through things easier.

I just don't want to be putting extra burdens on my family reconciliation with here in qld, and my new friends and religious community here. My partner is very supportive and says won't leave me ( he means even with all the chaos and symptoms too). That will just have to look after me more. I think he means well. But if I get worse I really would feel it's unequal load on him too.

Day to day symptoms vary. Sometimes fairly normal with just alot of pain in that dragging body and self through. Other days I have to rearrange my life and focus on the basics.

I just want to find a way to get some relief from all this stress without burdening those I love and care about.

Does anyone know what best therapists who understand cfs and a situation of complex things that also co exist with a person life? Who also ndis registered?

And who best to get an effective suitable document from for ndis to acknowledge cfs in my next plan?


BTW being in Queensland has helped give me some relief physically where I have exercised more than I did in Victoria in ages. I have to be cautious regarding storms still where joints swell though. I get heaps more days that are better though as more stable climate up here. :)
And I have been blessed with a secure, safe home in a beautiful neighborhood only 15 mins drive from the city. It is a house(not a unit like previously for years in Victoria I had been in such accommodation types where alot of violence occurred).
It has a huge garden surrounding the whole house and fenced yard all around.

I have increased social and religious connections in person even too. And a few next of kin able to be listed on forms even(compared to previous state in Australia living in where I had to have a support worker only as such). So yes making the interstate all of a sudden move(I was at breaking point with alot going on and struggling with my wellbeing in many areas) was good to do so.

Now to increase that wellbeing and manage symptoms more and heal!


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Hi @tabbyj29_11
I'm pretty brain fried at the moment but one thing that pops into my head is the document Emerge has on the NDIS. Have you accessed that yet? May help a bit, especially in regards to reports and the like