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Australian ME/CFS History and Events



Tania's Notes from the original history and events page:

We are trying to secure both Dr Byron Hyde and Professor De Meirleir for an education session or maybe two education sessions to GP'S, medical academics/researchers throughout Victoria. A few relevant senior/exec level government health advisors, minister will also be invited

ME/CFS Vic have partnered for the first time with the GP Divisions of Victoria to bring this education session to the medical community of Victoria. Advertising will get to every GP in Victoria. Me/Cfs Vic will also be advertising widely through medical schools etc, this will take quite a bit of office and staff time over the next few weeks to strategically manage and maximize the impact of the event/s,so please leave phone messages if we do not answer immediately, we will always return your call just as soon as we can

Partnering with GPVic is a huge milestone for ME/CFS and for ME/CFS Vic. Having GPVic actively support the session/s allows for a high level of credibility for the speakers and also the condition ME/CFS amongst the medical community. We expect a very good turn out. We also have senior/exec government health policy advisers who are interested in attending
im just sticking that here for the time being.. i want to add it to a time line for groundbreaking CFS/ME events in Australia. This GP divison partnering with ME society for the first time to help bring more education to our doctors over here. i think is special event.

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To link a word to a URL, highlight the word, then click on the "link" icon above it is a picture of a globe with chain links at the bottom. the window opens where you past the URL (that you already copied from the site).

European Society for ME (ESME) http://esme-eu.com/
European ME alliance www.euro-me.org
Association Francaise du Syndrome de Fatigue Chronique et de Fibromyalgie http://asso.nordnet.fr/cfs-spid/index.html
Associazione Italiana Sindrome da Stanchezza Cronica www.salutemed.it/cfs
ME/CFS Foreningen www.me-cfs.dk/Forside
Irish ME/CFS Association http://www.activelink.ie/node/389
Irish M.E. Trust (I.M.E.T) http://www.imet.ie/
ME and Disability Support Group http://www.steungroep.nl/index.php/home/organisatie
ME/CVS Vereniging http://www.me-cvsvereniging.nl/welko...cvs-vereniging
The CFS - Netherlands Foundation http://www.me-cvs-stichting.nl/
Norges ME-Forening http://www.me-forening.no/index.php

Associated New Zealand ME Society www.anzmes.org.nz

ME Research UK (MERUK) http://www.meresearch.org.uk/index.html
MEActionUK www.meactionuk.org.uk
Association of Young People with ME www.ayme.org.uk *
Action for ME www.afme.org.uk *
CFS Research Foundation www.cfsrf.com
The ME Association www.meassociation.org.uk
ME North East www.menortheast.org
The National ME Centre www.nmec.org.uk
The Young ME Sufferers Trust www.tymestrust.org
25% ME Group www.25megroup.org
Welsh Association of ME and CFS support www.wames.org.uk
Invest in ME www.investinme.org

* indicates Organisations in which involve controversy

* Controversy Related To Support Organisations

This is expecially an issue in the UK as many disagree with the Wessley school of thought which revolves around CFS being a psychological disorder and in which CBT and GET are often the only two treatments recommended with other treatments highly discouraged. Both the main UK organisations AFME & AYME (the AFME junior organisation) are quite supportive of the Wessley school of thought but many patients have been harmed while following these recommendations.

Many UK patients have been treated as they are somatizing and psychological instead of biomedical research is usually undertaken. Also there is the issue of AFME use of the Oxford CFS guidelines to select study participants.

1. www.cdc.gov/cfs/cfsbasicfacts.htm
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