Aust DSP living with partner query (pls help! :D)


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Hello everyone :)

My girlfriend and I are moving in together. We live in Australia. I am on the disability support pension and she works full time, earning about 52,000 per year. I have not been able to find any information on how my partner's income affects my payment when we live together, or if there is an income threshold.

Please if anyone has any info on the following questions, I'd really appreciate any insight:

How much can my partner make before it affects my income if we live together?

How much will it affect my disability support pension? Will they take away my pension?

Is there an income threshold?

Thank you so much, and stay comfy <3

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You addressed my first question immediately with this .... apparently, all govt's work the same way in terms of helping those who need it: find any excuse to limit and reduce that help. Preferably to zero.

A roommate's or girlfriend's income should have no impact on your own financial status. It's not your money, you have no real control over it, and the govt's assumption that it is and you do is ..... well, ludicrously self-serving.