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aussies use vidrl labs


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australia (brisbane)
I have a pathology slip for VIDRL lab for ebv and cmv serology, what im wanting to know, does anyone know how much these tests are, i have emailed them and so far no reply. Ive started going backwards of late and would to get titre values for ebv to see if the avs are having any effect. May need to increase the dose as im only on 1/4 dose of what dr lerner uses and also thoguht i would check cmv for which i had mono from 6 months prior to cfs onset from chickenpox and ebv, if this is the case the valtrex wont be as effective as his study showed ebv with co-infections werent helped as much with valtrex as ebv alone.

I have had some good improvement but think i have gone backwards since changing from famvir to an internet source of valtrex. I think the internet valtrex is ok as i have had a few short breaks from it and cfs symptoms worsened and then decreased when back on them. My last lymphocyte sub set test showed they were all elevated. I wonder if u can develop a tolerance to av's.

Insomnia, aaaarrrrgggghhhh i hate it, if i could sleep properly all the time im sure things wouldnt be as bad.