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australia (brisbane)
hi all, went to information seminar, was interesting. Due to a smaller study they have done they are persuing cfs as an auto-immune type disease, they found 2 types of immune cells in cfs patient that arent in healthy controls. Now there doing a bigger study on this. We filled out a questionaire which will put us in groups of either a fatigue state or chronic fatigue syndrome, plus there is a control group, think a total of about 300 people. We will have blood tests done every 6 months for 18-24 months as well as more questionaires.

They seem to think that cfs is just triggered by a virus/illness etc and the immune system is kept going by vasoactive neuropeptides(not sure what that is but will be googling). We were given a book called 'chronic fatigue syndromes and vasoactive neuropeptide autoimmunity' not sure if this book is available to the general public, but will read it and bring this info here.

They are also looking at starting a support group there where we can trade info/socialise etc.

They seem very confident in their theory, not sure if they are onto a treatment a such yet either. After some googling briefly last night did see an article mentioning autoimmune problems and xmrv. Sonia the lady running the study has close ties with US experts that are into xmrv and they know of her study and are very interested in her results, so maybe it ties in some where.

It was also mentioned that this is one of the largest grants given to study cfs. So maybe there are politicians out there who have relatives with cfs, lol.

will keep in touch, cheers

this is a link to one of the docs in the study, donald staines and his hypothesis, very similar to book we were given.


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Hi heapsreal,

It's interesting to see what research is happening in Australia. That's great that they're getting lots of money for it and taking CFS seriously. Finally! It will be very nice if they can create a social network for sufferers there.

I skimmed the article and read the Conclusion at the bottom. They have an amazing amount of References!