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Astaxanthin - is it safe?

Tiger Lily 813

Senior Member
I've been taking Astaxanthin in the hopes of lowering oxidative stress, and, it really helps me with severe pms that I'd been having.
Some people have mentioned that it can lower blood pressure. It does for me too, but really only slightly (so I take it later in the day). It might make my hair and skin a bit drier, which isn't great. But other than these very minor issues, I tolerate it well and I want to keep taking it.
However, I read some scary things when researching it on other websites, so I wanted to ask about the safety here, to see if any of the scary things have any validity...
Very much appreciate your thoughts!


Senior Member
My body loves astaxanthin, but I've read the same things and also, I feel a little woozy if I take it too much, so I take it intermittently..

It's a derivative of vitamin a, which is fat soluble & therefore can build up in your body