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Asking for a doctor who prescribes liposomal disulfiram


Senior Member
Hi to everybody,

I'm being treated by Dr. De Meirleir in Brussels, and he has prescribed disulfiram to erradicate my chronic borreliosis (which he thinks might be behind my very severe ME/CFS).

Problem is that I have had to stop the treatment because the disulfiram gave me terrible and unbearable cramps, gut pains and diarrhea.

However I'm confident that I could tolerate the liposomal form of this drug, and I know that some Doctors from the USA do prescribe the liposomal form, so I am looking for a doctor in the USA who does online consultations and prescribes liposomal disulfiram.

Could you help me find such a doctor? (A pharmacy that makes the liposomal disulfiram would work too, as I guess they wouldn't mind to tell me the names of doctors who order this drug to them...).

Thank you so much in advance for your help!

Best wishes,


Senior Member
Hey @serg1942 , I hold my thumbs for you!
You tried classic disulfiram or effervescent version?

De Meirleir says me the same with Lyme as cause of my CFS. I did more lab works in last years and looks like he is right. It was 2 years ago, he wanted me on persister protocol. Now he prescribed only DSF, or protocol is more complex for you? Will you give more info? I am no longer in contact with him and I solve everything myself.

First time when I tried DSF I also had to stop due to diarrhea and cramps. But after 2 months, when I reach 200 mg/day. Go slow with this drug is really important! :)

But my recommendation to do is go for empty enteric capsules! Now I'm without problems with diarrhea and cramps. Thanks to bypass stomach. More people do it. Or let the effervescent one dissolve under the tongue ...

cheers, Martin