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Ascorbic Acid Worsening Candida


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I have had lyme and systemic candida for over 6 years now. I wanted to try ascorbic acid in high doses to help my immune system. It seems to be increasing all of my negative symptoms. Haven't been able to sleep a wink and I feel insanely wired like I do when I eat sugar (which makes candida go out of control).

Could the increased acidity actually be worsening the candida? I now have severely cracked lips which I never had before.


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Candida feeds on sugar. I don't know how it could be making the candida worse unless there is some kind of sugar or dextrose or something that the candida can feed on in it.

I just googled and it said ascorbic acid helps combat candida. I think something else must be going on. Are you adding good bacteria?

It just doesn't make sense.


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When I take something that massively kills off candida, I get wired for two days. Not much out there that massively kills off my candida though, the last time it happened I had started a very low carb diet plus started a strong antifungal, all on the same day. Two days later I was completely wired and could not sleep.

Not sure if your "brand" of candida is maybe very sensitive to ascorbic acid, and thus you are experiencing die off? Just a wild guess. My type of candida does not apparently respond to ascorbic this way - high doses of ascorbic do nothing special for me.


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i've been taking some vitamin c yesterday and today and my tongue is now covered in white furry mucus. I sure hope this is die off but it really seems like it's making candida flare....


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Hi Acrosstheveil, according to my practitioners, the Liposomal C will kill off candida. I had massive die-off of candida and pathogens when I started with the lip C and the IVC. When I first started the Lip C, my tongue got very white and then after a few days, it turned pink. Check out references to Dr. Thomas Levy. I know he is specific about what forms of C to take. There are videos to watch on youtube on his work and others.


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I can't take Vit C after about 4pm otherwise I can't sleep - bit like caffeine really.

you said 'Vitamin C increases the amount of dopamine being converted to norepinephrine'
would that account for my response?


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thanks - its nice when things make sense:)

I read about people taking 10g of vit c in the evening and think - what!!!
but again its how different we are


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I can take regular vit c in the evening, but if I take liposomal vit c I can't sleep either.


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it really seems like it's making candida flare....
Funny you say that, because I've been having what seems like small candida flareups, though I haven't been having much sugar. However, I have been having vit C lately (to try and increase mineral absorption). Maybe that's the cause.
Agree, maybe a dieoff reaction. I used to freak out when anything made my tongue white. After biting the bullet a few times and continuing the protocol based on research found it would help in the long run.
I used to think I had some special mutated form of fungus or candida that likes whatever i give it.with all thoughts of gloom and doom.

Try sodium butyrate capsules. Butyrate is a byproduct of bifido, very acidic. If your bifido is low you can "fake it" with supplementation and it should kill or keep candida in check. Getting your gut acidic is key. Candida loves and promotes an alkaline gut environment, it changes your terrain. Oddly your urine will become more acidic. So it really flip flops your system.

Have you tried a Resistant starch protocol? This really helped me, It's for sibo but I think it helps with candida too. It changes your terrain back to acidic, feeds your good guys, and tightens your gut.

I'm shocked at how many people are providing answers to something they have absolutely no clue about. I guess this is one of the downsides of forums. When you take vitamin C you must take it in the form of sodium ascorbate. If you take it in the form of high levels of ascorbic acid, you will make your body highly acidic. In addition your body may not have enough additional minerals needed to convert the ascorbic acid. What you end up with is a highly acid environment to make an infection worse ( borderline gout ).This can cause whatever infection you have to be worse. Please keep in mind that I am not talking about taking a few ascorbic acid pills. These low level doses your body can handle. However when you get into the higher doses you need sodium ascorbate.

Now if you want the levels of Sodium Ascorbate required to kill candida you need it in the form of lypospheric Vitamin C ( in the form of ascorbic acid ) or Intravenous vitamin C. It is virtually impossible to injest vitamin C in a non lyposheric form to get your blood levels high enough for it to have an effect on candida. The only way you can get your blood levels high enough is by injesting in a lyposheric form or taking it IV ( IV with a medical professional ).

Everything I am sharing with you is from my own personal experience with this, of course as always its not meant to be taken as medical advice. But I encourage you to do your won research on what I am saying and save yourself a lot of pain and trouble from listening to bad internet forum advice.
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I'm shocked at how many people are providing answers to something they have absolutely no clue about.

No need to be shocked. Because you've only made this one post it is unclear how much you know about the people who hang out on this forum. We have ME. Whatever you know about this illness (if you don't yourself have ME) is likely to be wrong as there is so much misinformation out there.

There are many very good threads with a lot of good science being discussed here. You may not have looked around much yet.
People with ME have so many, many things going on illl health wise that it's not possible to always know everything about all aspects of the illness and indeed we have been left hanging out to dry by most of the medical/scientific community. We are quite busy researching as much as we can on our own with limited physical/cognitive functioning. In many threads you can read here so many people acknowledge that we are experimenting without knowing for sure what we're doing but sharing and pooling the info hoping that the aggregate data may be of help to others.

So if you have useful info regarding science facts we are more than happy to hear about it. For myself I have some questions for you regarding your post.
  • How much vitamin C (ascorbate) would you consider a Large dose?
  • I have a powdered version that I put in a glass of half water half OJ and I sip it throughout the day. Would this make a difference to the acidity level going up?
  • Would adding some sodium bicarbonate powder to the drink mix help or would it neutralise something?

For a list of some of the symptoms we are dealing with/seeking relief from see:


This list doesn't reflect the fact that most of the severely ill, many of the moderately ill and some of the mildly ill (ME is often progressive) deal with multiple co illnesses most of which are autoimmune.

For a description of one persons experience with ME see Laura Hillenbrand (author of Seabiscuit and Unbroken):

It's safe to say that people here would be genuinely happy to have another person with useful accurate health information engage with the community. I apologise if I've assumed that you are unaware of the info I provided but you are new here and have only posted here to correct what you perceive as factual errors.
Ascorbic acid makes your urine more acid, this doesn't mean that your body itself becomes more acid.
Candida thrives in an alkaline environment. Probiotics make your gut more acidic.

In terms of becoming more acidic, am referring to levels of ascorbic acid in the range of 20-50grams, I am not referring to the average 500mg and less people take. In terms of the alkaline environment, you are referring to the stomach / gut. the gut is needed to be slightly acidic to kill bacteria and fungus. If the gut is too alkaline then candida and such can survive the exposure in your stomach. However making your whole body more super super acidic is not going to cure candida, you'll just end up making yourself more susceptible to viruses, bacteria and cancer and parasites.

Probiotics don't make your gut more acidic, they are restoring your natural PH levels in your stomach. The natural PH levels in your stomach are slightly higher in acidity as a means to kills bacteria and invaders.

You shouldn't be struggling with this stuff for months or years. I will be replying to snowdrop on the proven ways to knock it out in a few weeks, based on me curing myself after struggling for months with this stupid diet nonsense and then applying this knowledge on friends who were suffering.
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Everything here I am going to mention will be backed up by facts and published medical references for you to do your own follow up, please do the research don't take my word for it.

I'd like to preface this with the fact that I have suffered like the rest of you here for years before discovering this information.
I don't want to go into the details because it was really bad and I don't want to relive it. The experience was incredibly traumatic for me and I have trouble breathing just thinking about describing it. I'm sure many of you here can relate.

I understand how frustrating and hopeless it is to mess with diets and doctors who are not helpful and it just seems hopeless.

In terms of Vitamin C, it would truly shock you on what the proper doses can cure. It can neutralize every known toxin, bacteria, fungus. there are literally thousands of medical journals that have been suppressed. For example,
60 of 60 acute cases of polio cured by vitamin C - ( 1949 ) Klenner 111 209
Cure toxic mushroom poisoning: - (1984) Laing 65 590
Cured acute hepatitis: ( 1962 ) Dalton 55 1151, (1981 ) Cathcart 7 1359, (1983) Orents S 48 4
Measles ( Klenner, 1953 )

I've included a link to the a youtube video if you want to know more in depth

In terms of doses needed, you are talking about in the range of 20-50g a day. This is why the intravenous method
is required for saturation. The other alternative is the lyposheric form where 1 gram of lypospheric C is equal to 8-10 grams of intravenous vitamin C.

One of the main reasons people don't see the miracle cures from vitamin C is because
1. The doses are not high enough

Once you do the research on this you will truly be convinced of a conspiracy with the medical cartels to keep people
sick and misguided. Studies published to "prove" Vitamin c does not work only involve doses of less than 1g and usually they are in the form of ascorbic acid. Your body takes ascorbic acid and converts it to sodium ascorbate for use. By administering the sodium ascorbate directly you speed up the process by giving the body a form it can easily absorb and use without converting it.

Think of the implications that polio can be cured with intravenous vitamin C but you'v never heard of it in the history books.

The second form of surpressed science you can use is electric medicine, otherwise known as zapping. By running a small electrical charge through the body you can neutralize most pathogens . Hulda Clark, bob Beck, don croft etc have all made small devices that do this. there are countless cases of this being used to cure cancer and candida.
I've included a link below

The third form is a highly advanced form or medicine that I don't mention because most people are not ready for it is High level Hypnosis known as Quantum Healing. Please keep in mind this is not your traditional hypnosis or hypnotherapy which operation under different principals. traditional hypnotists will tell you that this is not possible so I'm not referring to them. In Quantum Healing/Ultra Depth Hypnosis you are taken into a level past normal hypnosis where the body can instantly jump repair and recover. Dolores Cannon ( she unfortunately has passed ) is famous for her miracles cures. Dolores cannon has practitioners but you really need to be sure they know what they are doing, some are amazing and some aren't that good.

James Ramey does this as well in the form of something called Ultra Depth Hypnosis as well. He is a very kind and caring person.

Talmadge Harper does Quantum Healing as well, but he has a two-three week waiting list. If you can't afford his services he will arrange monthly payments. He is really really good but he will only help you if you want to get better. He studied Dolores cannon and James Ramey and developed his own technique. A friend of mine had remarkable healing from him so I know he is the real deal.


Most people can't handle/believe in this this so I wasn't going to mention it. However I remember that when I was so sick I was willing to try anything if it worked. Its not magic, its advanced science. Essentially they've discovered a way to harness the "placebo effect" and apply it using hypnosis. Please do research on the Placebo effect if you are unfamiliar with it.

the same way vitamin C and electric medicine was suppressed, the power of the mind has been supressed as well. In my experience, Vitamin C, electro medicine, quantum healing all work it just depends on what resonates with you the most.

So the three technologies , vitamin C, electro medicine, quantum healing have all worked for me and all my friends and family refer them to. I'm talking about complete healings, and thats what you should be focusing on. I hope you found this information useful in ending your suffering.


So if you have useful info regarding science facts we are more than happy to hear about it. For myself I have some questions for you regarding your post.
  • How much vitamin C (ascorbate) would you consider a Large dose?
  • I have a powdered version that I put in a glass of half water half OJ and I sip it throughout the day. Would this make a difference to the acidity level going up?
  • Would adding some sodium bicarbonate powder to the drink mix help or would it neutralise something?
I hav vitamin C from Dr. Mercola, liposomal vitamin C 1000mg, it's ascorbic acid. And I have NOW vitamin C 1000mg with bioflavinoids, it'a also ascorbic acid. Could I use either of these instead of IV C? Is the liposomal the same as the lipospheric?

I have some vitamin C powders, what is the best way to take them, one of them is the sodium ascorbate.

Isn't it very difficult to take high doses of oral vitamin C due to bowel tolerance?



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How cute this was written.
See the recent german resources - & start http://www.borreliose-abhilfe.de/SC.html slow and low. In this strategie: A Maximum Salt - wanted, could be calculated by 0.17 per kg body-weight.(When everething runs well - S & C with 3, 5, and than 7g each for a day. You can start.)

So this Maximum advises 9- 12 g from the „Himalaya Salt“ (best-Bio-qualities) acourding to your weight. – That can never be so costly. Though this first point is given importans in patients long term experience. Do purchase your good and verry natural Salt product.

An eaqual amount (9- 12) take from Vitamin C 100 g (just the normal). Both go into the 0.75 Lieter water jar. Take a short nip – ever so often during your hole day. In the past two decades it has been developed unto a well known therapie for the Lyhme patients. This can give room for anouther raser simplistic approach. And the CFS community will love this information! It does contain great potential to bring about the significant changes to our badly shaped biofilm, … isn’t it?

Regards student

Plus do: what we all know well. Minerals- Vitamins, Magnesium B12 B6 and komplex, Binders (like Chlorella... / Kaffe Enema could strengthen, when Herxheimers biofilm-changes (& die off) - is felt.
I am eager to start this. Having read a number of good comments.
What were your „Salt and C“ (vitamin) therapie experienceses with CFS symptoms, so far?


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Ashland, Oregon
So the three technologies , vitamin C, electro medicine, quantum healing have all worked for me and all my friends and family refer them to. I'm talking about complete healings, and thats what you should be focusing on. I hope you found this information useful in ending your suffering.

Hi @TheTruthDoesNotHurt

Thanks much for your remarkable posts on this thread -- http://buy-lufenuron.com/ [Full Text Below]. I would very much appreciate any insights you could share on this. I always listen to people who have made significant progress in their health, or have totally recovered. It sounds like you're in that category? Thanks again for your posts. --- Best, Wayne

@Gestalt (and others), I would be interested in your take on this as well. Thanks!

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