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ARVs and other treatments... Insured vs Medicaid vs Uninsured

I apologize if there are other threads on this, but I am really needing to get an "overview" of the treatment cost situation please, to help me make some huge decisions in my life. So I hope someone can help summarize things for me as I'm kinda confused/foggy. I really don't want to lose my current insurance if it will save me a lot in the future (on ARVs).

Assume someone is XMRV/MLV+. We aren't there yet, but what do you predict about the costs to get treated? Would it be similar to an HIV patient who is uninsured/insured/Medicaid?

I mean, uninsured would mean hundreds a month for the ARVs and insured would just mean the copays? ARVs probably need to be taken for the rest of your life, but at a lower maintenance dose after high doses for the first years?

How likely is it that Medicaid would help at all? Would someone trying to get insurance coverage probably have to wait months or years before starting treatment (because it's not covered yet)... how long?

And what about other things besides ARVs, those costs would add up too and I really need insurance right? I don't know what other costs there are besides you are supposed to get bloodwork often? (Dr Deckoff Jones said she & daughter are getting bloodwork monthly.) That alone seems costly, doesn't it? And isn't there a chance we/I could someday qualify for a more expensive IV treatment or some new one they come out with? Then I would be screwed by not having insurance I believe.