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Article: SIX Advertisement Samples for the Washington Post - Review & Comment by 31 O

I can't get on using these URLS - anyone else have the same problem or is it my computer?

I can open the adds, but not the comment page.

My favorite one is the last one--World.

Thanks to all of you who did such an excellent job on this campaign! :victory::victory::victory:
I have been crashed all week, so I just finally got around to looking at them and I'm glad I did.
I think that the current ads are too "wordy" and use of more images would be good -- I like Ad #2 with "Jim" since it shows a real person living with the consequences of ME/CFS. I agree with the people who say that the ad needs to be aimed more at "healthy" people re: concerns abut the blood supply and how little we know about how this illness might be transmitted if it is a virus.

I noticed that a website is listed. Perhaps something should say at the bottom "For more info, go to www.XXX.org." - where XXX is the site name you want to use and the link should have more facts about XMRV.

I also suggest that someone contact Dr. Lenny Jason (if you haven't already) about using his study of deaths among people with ME/CFS; I think the study has been misquoted/ misunderstood many times and if you are going to use the results from his study, it should be as honest about the study's conclusions as possible.