Article: Roadblocks at the NIH: the 2007 FOIA


Great work, as usual, Cort.

Thank you. :Retro smile:
Thanks. FOIA's are not difficult to do - I think its probably time to do them more frequently him so we can keep up with the events over the next year or two.

Really, I believe the CFSAC committee should request that Dr. Mangan post the results of every CFS SEP and Trans NIH Working Group session so we can easily see where the hurdles are in the system. He could be working on that already - he's pretty proactive but it should not require an FOIA to see that. I think its kind of amazing that there's no summary section on the CFSAC website where the NIH, the CDC and other agencies can report what they did and didn't do every year. It just seems like common sense.
Well done, Cort.
If it's not too much work e.g. if you could copy and paste it, maybe you could list the studies that were funded? Not that important but it's a thought that occurs reading the piece.
Good idea Dauphin - I am going to do an article on the studies pretty soon hopefully.