Article -- Physicians Urge Government to Let Parents Make Vaccine Decisions


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Are you in the US?
I am in London UK, but the way my virus was spreading it was clear it would not contain itself to one country.

The virus was actually not very contagious speed-wise, but its transmission nevertheless seemed unstoppable. So for example, when one household member acquired the virus, it would take up to a year before all the other members of that particular household caught the infection from them. But catch it they would.

I caught this virus back in 2003, and in the next few years after that, I saw how it slowly but inexorably spread to all my friends and family, and then onwards to their friends, causing a lot of disease.

Myocarditis and heart attacks were the most common physical disease caused, whereas depression and anxiety were the most common mental illnesses caused.

Having failed to get any medical authorities interested, I just became resigned to the fact that this virus would likely slowly spread around the world, a probably cause an epidemic of myocarditis / myocardial infarction as well as anxiety and depression.

I did some amateur epidemiological calculations (I have a degree in mathematics), and worked out very roughly that it would not be until around 2015 that a substantial percentage of the population would have acquired this virus, and it would not be until around 2020 that most of the population will have caught this virus.

So I was expecting the peak epidemic effects in myocarditis / MI and anxiety and depression to appear from around 2015 onwards.

Thus when I read in 2016 some research by Dr Leslie Cooper that the global incidence of infectious myocarditis had increased from 1.5 million to 2.2 million in the period from 2013 to 2015, I wrote to Dr Cooper to detail my observations, and to suggest he look into my Coxsackie B4 virus as a possible cause of this substantial increase. Again, no reply to my email.

Then more recently in 2017 I read about a UK survey which found a pandemic of anxiety, depression and eating disorders in children, even children as young as four. So again I wrote to the CDC and the UK's Public Health England, explaining that my virus might be behind this anxiety and depression pandemic. But no reply.

It's a shame, because the info I have may help researchers shortcut to the answer behind these mental health and myocarditis pandemics, but finding someone open minded enough to listen is not easy.