Article: Permanent Forum Member Slot on the PR Board of Directors - Nominations Requested


Could you tell us who is on the Board already please Cort, I think it is very relevant for us voters and nominees to know a little bit about the composition of the existing board, we may have perceptions around gaps.

Good idea... I pasted their info into the bottom of the article. Thanks
Where would you like us to post our nominations--to this thread or privately? Is it okay to nominate more than one person? How many nominations can one person make? I am wondering if it would be a better idea to have our nominations made privately or publically? Then would it be good to have a vote, say, choosing one out of the top four?

Make as many as you would like and you can post them here or privately. We will contact people and see if they're interested. You can also nominate yourself :)
Some private nominations/suggestions sent you today Cort - being most diplomatic for us all.
agreed Enid - the best way to do it. Thanks.