Article: OFFERING Up a Conference: The OFFER CFS/FM Conferences


Glad you are able to attend this very exciting conference, Cort. It sounds like they are going out of their way to be accommodating. The fees are reasonable, too. I have a lot of respect for the speakers. Looking forward to your report.
It's really nice that they have those resting rooms. Otherwise, many of us wouldn't be able to come. Usually it's some mattress manufacturer that wants to demo his products, so he brings them for free. And this year they are letting the patients go to the provider conference, which I'm really excited about. Maybe I can ask Dr. Singh some questions. Ideas, anybody?
Thanks Brown-eyed Girl - Finally a conference I can drive to! I believe they will be video taping the conference so at some point it will be available to everyone.
Cort, I believe I met you years ago at a CFS meeting in NY re common cause.
I am a gulf war veteran nurse, CFS.
Will be coming to Offer program, hope to meet and talk with you there.
This might be a little late but for anyone coming from out of town that needs information about SLC, where to find a good meal, the parking situation at and around the Marriott (the Marriott is $12 for the day, you can park across the street at the Convention Center, there is some off street parking but right now there is a lot of construction near the hotel - hope it won't be too noisy - so the on street parking might be a bit iffy - but it's SLC on a Saturday - City parking is free on Saturday's but I have been ticketed for exceeding time limits within the downtown zone (I was visiting several stores that were several blocks apart but I had been in the downtown zone for over two hours so I was ticketed - arrrgh!)), etc., - please feel free to PM me.

I live two miles from the hotel and I have a pretty good sense of where you can get a good meal (not so up on where to get a drink!) and other services you might need. I'll be at the providers conference but I don't expect to make it through the entire day. Lastly, please feel free to PM me if you find yourself in a bind you need assistance - let's hope that's not needed!

If you just want to get spend a bit of time at a nice neighborhood street fair, the Avenues Community is hosting their annual fair a mile and a half from hotel. The fair goes until 6 pm, it can be warm/sunny (Saturday projected sunny with a high of a dry 78). There fair involves some walking, crowds, live music, arts and crafts and food. It is located between I Street and N Street on 7th Avenue (700 east to 900 east on approx 350 North). Park on 7th avenue unless you are OK with walking some hills. It could be stressful - I'm not sure I'd be up for it but it was fun when I was healthy. Healthy relative and partners might enjoy the festival while patients are recovering in their rooms.

Hope you have a good experience while you're here.

I can't wait to hear how the conference went. Dr. Bateman posted on FB that it was a success, with many medical providers attending.
Dr. Singh gave a great presentation. I'll write some after I've recovered a bit. Other PR members were there. I'm sure Cort will have something as well. I know he had a chance to talk with Drs. Singh and Vernon.