Article: My Cooperative Diagnostics Test


I couldn't access this one or the other you just posted.
this is all screwed up!
I've seen teasers for "My C D test" on the front page for a while... :D

Is it your test Cort? (I can't view the article either.) Can I guess the test result?

The home page...with Corrine's visit to Dr P. - looks great! I think anyone coming in would know immediately they've arrived in a busy, vibrant and cutting edge ME/CFS community!

Ooops. What am I doing in here??? :confused:

It was first on the " what's new" list for me so I blundered in blindly.

....As you were.....:Retro redface: (Good luck.)
Nobody can see this but me? Gawwdddd.
  • Denn

This is why I love this place!!! :sofa:


Got to be careful Anne_Loves_Red :D:D
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