Article: Interview with Dr. Lapp - Hopeful About Ampligen's Approval

Very nice Kelvin. It's great to hear that Dr. Lapp is still optimistic about Ampligen after all these years. Many people must have tried it in his practice and he knows how the drug works - which is enough for me. The fact that some people have made remarkable progress and some make moderate progress gives hope to us all.

Some very sick people get helped and other very sick do not. Man, I wish this drug could get approved so they could get the funding to really dig into who gets helped and who does not - that in itself could lead to a subset for ME/CFS - I would guess a specific immune subset.

Ampligen has been just out of reach for over 20 years -its been 'teasing' the ME/CFS community with its immense possibilities for not only real treatment for some but actual legitimacy and a deep dive into immune research. I hope it's torturous path with the FDA finally comes to a successful conclusion soon.

How great it would be to have both XMRV and Ampligen accepted next year! THAT would be a banner year!
How do they get data on carcinogenicity? I think the news is good though. They're not talking about efficacy apparently - efficacy is in the bag? That's the big deal to me.

My understanding is that the FDA is VERY WORRIED about immune activating drugs setting off autoimmune or other reactions - so they're being very careful in this area.
The one thing that I am in 100% agreement with is his assesment of his staff. I know there are some great clinics in this country and abroad, but I'm confident in saying that Dr. Black, Wendy and the rest of the staff are second to no one! They are are great group of caring people that exudes hope from the minute you walk into their office.:victory::victory::victory:
I hope, I HOPE ampligen finally sees approval. It has been the longest wait in history. The cost of the medication PLUS the cost of the patient having to move somewhere to get the medication, renting an apartment or house, car rental,food, plus any current mortgages/expenses at their permanent residence, etc....Ampligen is out of reach right now for almost everyone. If it did get approved and patients could atleast receive ampligen at a hospital close to their home they wouldn't have the incur the enormous cost of moving which may be impossible, and may exceed the cost of ampligen. Sigh. So many things come down to, simply, MONEY. Anyways, my thanks to you Kelvin for all your posts, Dr. Lapp, Dr. Bell, Dr. Peterson, everyone who continues....
Yes, LaurelW, Dr. Lapp is still in the study, as is Dr. Peterson. Which is why both have to be very tight-lipped when asked about Ampligen results. It was not easy getting Dr. Lapp to say much at all with regard to efficacy or results- he mentioned the FDA restrictions numerous times, and could only respond in the guarded way he did. As Cort and others have mentioned, once this drug, or any drug gets approval, then the lid gets blown off and we'll have two huge advantages: 1. Doctors like Dr. Lapp and Dr. Peterson can start talking; and 2. More than 2 doctors in the USA will have access to the medication. I pray that day comes soon.