Article: IACFS/ME Chief Friedberg Urges Letter CDC Letter Writing Campaign for New Le


I think this about says it all:

--plans to embark on large scale behavioral studies in CFS/ME in its 5-year plan including a new CBT trial rather than focus on much needed biological studies.
Thanks for posting Cort - "dismissal bordering on arrogance" all too well known here. Very best for your letter campaign.:thumbsup:
I just emailed Dr. Monroe and both email addresses seemed to work as I received two automatic replies stating
I am currently out-of-the-office and unable to reply to your message.
I will be checking email and voicemail messages periodically during my absence.
If this matter requires immediate attention during normal business hours, please contact Ms. Sabahat Malik at +1-404-639-3574 or
Steve Monroe, PhD
Director, Division of High-Consequence Pathogens and Pathology
National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases
+1-404-639-3574 (office)"
What a terrific opening to take action on! I feel as though we are in the position of a soccer team (football); Dr. Friedberg has just shot us a great pass and we have the chance to take the ball down the field and score.

Some of us may want to write individual letters but others may need the help of a prototype letter to focus the main points. The main thing will be to send something out!
I posted this over in Advocacy section a little while ago as I didn't see this posted anywhere. Missed looking at the front page though.

A suggested letter included with the message that I received through XMRV Global Action was:

Sample letter Dear Dr. Monroe:

I urge you to select a new highly qualified individual for the position of Chief, Chronic Viral Diseases Branch which has responsibility for the CFS research program. The leadership of the past decade has conveyed an attitude of dismissal toward the scientific and professional communities. In addition, their use of the discredited 'empiric' definition of CFS compromises their ability to do meaningful research in this difficult and challenging field. Overall, we need open communication with the CDC/CFS program and fresh perspectives from their leadership--the qualities that could elevate this position to one that is viewed with renewed respect and credibility. Thank you.

(formatted by XMRV GA in order to facilitate reading)
CDC Director, Dr. Thomas Frieden

This was the email address for Frieden that I got off the emal that he sent to me a while back:
. The email address shown above looks old so I would use both emails to ensure you get to Thom. The guys needs to hear from us on what we sick demand. No more Reeves in a dress or another pair of droopy drawers...