Article: Dr. Nancy Klimas on Her New Clinic and More


Hi Cort and all,

I have an appointment there on July 12. I was e-mailedi a ton of paperwork fill out. I will let the group know how it all comes out. I was happy to learn they are saving blood for XNRV testing later. I was very surprised to get an appointment so quickly. I made it about a month ago, maybe less.

Fascinating interview, thanks Cort.

Did Dr Klimas say much about the success rate she expects with her clinical approach? This really seems like the way things should head in the CFS clinical world, but I could not tell how much of this is optimism that her systems biology type approach would help vs an experience and evidence-based method that she already knows works.
Good luck Margaret. Please let us know how it goes.

I think Dr. Klimas is very interested in using the latest technology to tease out subsets and learn what works in what patients. She's said before that some CFS patients do get well, we just don't know enough to predict when. My guess is that by capturing and analyzying the data in new ways she hopes to be able to do that better and she is excited is about that.

I've always been struck listening to her at the CFSAC meetings by how many innovative ideas she has and have always thought - if only she had the resources to put them into play. I think this kind of innovative approach is what you get when you have someone who has their feet in both the research and clinical worlds.
The WPI with its blood bank, translational research and Dr. Bateman with her new system and Dr. Klimas are all, in varying degrees, trying to do the same thing - analyze and understand the data better.