Article: Being and Thinking: the Quality of Life Blogs Begin :)


Thanks. Yes, it really is about getting away from the mindless mind chatter that uses up so much energy and into be-ing.
Singing HU

These blogs will focus on my attempt to access be-ing, so to speak, as I read different books and try different exercises
Hi Cort,

Thanks for the article; missed it the first time around. If you're interested in trying different exercises to help achieve some of your goals, you may be interested in one I discovered 30 some years ago that works well for me. Here's a 2-minute youtube video explaining a bit about it.

Singing HU

You mentioned, "It's all about bringing me back to the here and now......which is almost always a more relaxing and healthful place to be."

I've found singing HU helps me experience what you describe above. More importantly, it helps me keep my heart open, not always easy when dealing with the effects of chronic illness. Thought I'd pass this along in case you might have an interest. :)

Best Regards, Wayne