Article: 2011: A Look at the Year Ahead For ME/CFS


When, oh when, oh when, will Dr. Singh's work see print and the light of day?

ETA: Wow, thank you Cort for pulling together all this amazing amount of information! It looks like 2011 has a lot in store!
Wow! thank you for the update Cort!

Things are looking so dam good in 2011! I can see my comeback already! :victory:
Nice piece, you've clearly been very busy.

Several International Conferences should be produced by the CDC, including one on the all important question of how to define this disorder. That could be an exciting conference as the proponents of a Canadian Consensus type definition go head to head with the proponents (CDC) of an Empirical-type Definition.
Let's hope this does happen since Case Definition really underpins everything else.
I like Freeman's Viagra study......I would love to improve blood flow to brain :D:D
When, oh when, oh when, will Dr. Singh's work see print and the light of day?

ETA: Wow, thank you Cort for pulling together all this amazing amount of information! It looks like 2011 has a lot in store!
I have a feeling it may take a little while for Singh......that's what I hear :(:( altho I could be wrong.....I guess it will come when it comes.
This was so very heartening. Thanks for this great summery Cort!
Thanks Chakra5 -- does the five refer to a particular chakra?

By the way, I was informed by Kristen Loomis of the HHV6 Foundation that the HHV6 study did not work out. :(:(
Hey Cort

Yes, the fifth chakra is the throat chakra associated with expression/communication among other things. I have a big it just follows from there ;-) I also use it in my web business as the web is a wonderful medium for personal expression
Cort (mods) -

Thanks for putting this great list of projects together. Is there any way that we can continue this and keep an updated list in some sort of table format – include such data as:

- Research project
- Study timeline
- Expected date of results
- Funding requirements
- If study participants are needed (Contact info)

We could have a section for projects that are looking for funding, and grants that are looking for projects. I think it would be a great tool to use for advocacy – we can keep track of when results are due and will ask questions when they are late, keep on top of and track all federal funding, CAA, etc.

Mostly, I would just like a tool where we can find this info quickly without searching through old threads. Do we have the functionality to do something like this?
Ya know, I actually looked at that Viagra study, since it was the only CFS clinical trial I could find in my geographic location.

And then I thought...well, even though I'm a woman and all...the side effects might be a little...disconcerting. If I weren't currently single I might have different thoughts about it!
They say great minds think alike :victory::victory: I had a similar idea for something else. This is certainly the way to keep the community informed.....
Ahahahaha Cort, I know you were responding to SpecialK, but your post looks like a response to mine!
Now, now, remember...low blood may be necessary to prioritize.
Lovely article - thanks Cort - though we had hoped for "the" answer sooner research is gathering pace in so many directions now.:thumbsup: So very much to look forward to.
Please forgive this mention but some may find the bullseye graphic untimely. I'm okay with it and normally I don't ascribe to pcness but just a mention in case with contemplation you want to keep it or maybe change it. I'm on your side too btw.
Friedman and Viagra (June 2011) - Uses Viagra to increase blood flows to the brain (the big brain not the little one)to improve fatigue. Will use SPECT scans to assess blood flow.
Are you kidding me !! We have children laying in their beds day in day out, some to weak to even eat and have to be tube fed, and Friedman comes up with such a BS ? This is insult ! I wonder how much more we have to take. Would any Doctor talk of Viagra as a treatment for AIDS patients or cancer patients to decrease their fatigue level, seriously !

Cort, seriously, from now on please keep Friedman BS as far away from us as possible ! I am furious !
We are all sufferers here - been and going through the mill after many many years - let's celebrate Cort and team who have taken up the fight big time. And given this much appreciated forum for sharing/aiding. Viruses drive Virology - WE only know the reality of it and in illness can guide and is research getting there now - we know at last it is.