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Armchair Travellers - Reader's Digest article.


There's a short article in the Reader's Digest this month about Claire Wade.

She suffers from ME, and has missed out on family holidays, but had a virtual Greek holiday at home with her mum when she was 19.

Now 26, she has a website at http://holidaysfromhome.co.uk/ for others to try a virtual holiday too.

The Australia holiday took two years to assemble onto CD, and after positive reactions, Holidays from Home was set up with lottery funding in 2007.

The article says the holidays are free to those unable to travel, though that doesn't look to be the case from the site. There is a member's area though, so maybe that's something you'd have to confirm for them when you join.

I'm just going to have a read through the first day of the Australia trip that's available on the site as an example.


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Southeast US
blackbird, Thanks for this post. What a wonderful idea. The exertion from real travel and holiday vacations make many of us miserable, and all the enjoyment disappears. I'm going to mark this website as a favorite.