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Ariel (a flash fiction piece about ME/CFS)


Senior Member
Hello frozenborderline.....did you write that piece yourself? I noticed that it had today's date and a name I didn't recognize, but that's fine. The illustration is wonderful.

How have you been doing? We hear more from you at certain times than others? Where are you presently living and how is your recovery from your surgery. Were you able to contact anyone who could help you?

Like so many of us for one reason or another, you probably aren't feeling optimal on this Christmas Day.....and for many it's just another day. One thing's for certain....it's passing in a flash. Wishing you better health in the upcoming year and a comfortable place to live. Yours, Lenora.


Senior Member
I dont want to talk about surgery results until they're more clear and definitive. I've had some setbacks including infection requiring extra surgery and treatment.