Are you ready for the change of seasons


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Change of Seasons can be very challenging with a sensitiv nervous System and can make you feel even worse in the transition time ,or even bring up new symptoms
Autumn in its elements is dry,rough,windy and clear.the air becomes cooler and days shorter.
This season habors a certain emptiness that can leave us feeling exposed and raw. But it's also filled with possibility
Change of seasons can be stimulating and exhausting our body at the same time

Autumn is the time for a grounding routine,keeping yourself warm,turn inward,reconnect and letting go of things that are no longer serving us.
Its a time to pause and think about whats holding you back and savor the simplicity,by taking advantage of stillness,silence and peace.
Balancing the seasonal induced imbalances with life style choices ,diet and embrace autumn in its unique gifts, can protect you internal sense of well being

Food should be nourishing now,moistering with warming recipes (like stew) .also change your vegetables now from summer harvest veggies to autumn ones.,minimize raw,cold and frozen food ,and mabey even adjust your skin care if you like .and wear clothes in autumn colours

Wish you all a smooth and safe transition
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Yes, and thankfully new series and movies become available for all of us tired of the same old summer reruns.

Stews, soups and the like are a winter smell, so is pumpkin at this time of year. Nice, Irat, we'll all be ready for the change. Yours, Lenora.