Are there any doctors in the UK willing to prescribe klonopin or diazepam?


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Hello, there have been occassions where something has triggered a big relapse for me. Getting my ears pierced, for example, resulted in a year of recovery back to baseline. The symptoms of that presented as an enormous and unremitting cortisol rush that I could feel tingling all over my body for hours after the ear-piercing. It was a truly terrifying feeling.
I have found that on the smaller ocassions of triggering PEM, if I immeditalely take a diazepam, then then my recovery time is lessened. However the small supply of diazepam that I received from my mum (who's doctor prescribed them for flying) is not a long term solution for me being able to get them, or any other benzo's, such as Klonopin. My local GP (NHS) has no intention of ever prescribing it (probably common, so as to avoid opioid crisis type stuff over here), and told me if I feel feel anxious I should take citalopram. I described PEM to them and my experience using diazepam on the rare occasion that I needed it, but they werent interested. Has anyone here (in the UK) had any luck finding a private doctor that would be willing to prescibe any of these benzo's for emergency use? A few UK folks ive noticed have tried practically every controlled pharmaceutical drug going, so there seems to be some way of getting hold of these things.
Any suggestions anyone?