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anyone use Google Health?


Senior Member
I have not used it but I'm aware of it. Before you go entering information into this, you might want to check out privacy issues and whether Google is going to continue to support it. Recently, I think I read somewhere that Google wasn't going to continue supporting it Google Health but it is probably just a rumour created by a competitor.

I'm aware of several hospitals in my area using PHR's (Personal Health Records). I'm not at home so I don't have all the information I usually have at hand.

Microsoft has the Health Vault. I think I even posted some of this stuff quite awhile back. I had found a very simple one that was being used by parents of sick children that could have been useful as well.

Here is the link to Microsoft Health Vault personal edition: http://www.healthvault.com/personal/

If I find more info once I get home, I'll edit this post.

~ JT


Yes of course.The one of the most useful api of google.That is a personal health information centralization service by google.Google Health has teamed with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts to offer a free online filing for patients.