Anyone tried Geranylgeraniol? Alternative to Coq10?


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First time I heard about Geranylgeraniol (GG) was through a cardiologist that prescribes it to his patients that use statins.

Just like many others in this community, I tried different forms of Coq10 without any benefit. I was curious about GG because I never heard it being used in the context of ME/CFS. The literature about this compound is not great either, and a lot of the papers seem focused of mitigating statin side effects.

GG is a precursor of Coq10, Vit K2 and testosterone, and it is supposed to be a way for us to regulate endogenous production. I have also read that its molecular weight is smaller, and it is better absorbed than Coq10, but I am not sure about that. Like I said, literature is not great.

Anyone used it?


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