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Anyone tried altitude tent, EPO, peptides etc to increase blood volume?


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Altitude tents like


Would be super interesting to hear experiences from doing EPO, peptides, testosterone etc. Lots of fluids and salt is a good way to increase it. I know TB 500 increases red blood cell count. Other peptides that could help?

"In ME, the high proportion of irregularly-shaped red blood cells which cannot traverse the microcirculation results in oxygen deficiency in muscles, the cognitive areas of the brain and the endocrine system. Fish oil, genuine EPO, Vitamin B12 as hydroxocobalamin, and pentoxyfilline have each been found to address this issue in a significant proportion of people with ME, very much improving their well-being."


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I have tried Cu-GHK and LL-37peptides with little impact, MOTS-C which depleted folate and made me extremely fatigued, and Thymosin Alpha 1 which supported T cell production.

EPO can accelerate tumor growth and promote cancer, so I stay away from it. Pentoxfilline has risk of bleeding, which can be fatal.

B12 and phospholipids can help misshapen blood cells.

Hyperbaric I then can increase oxygenation of tissues.