Anyone take the mycotoxin urine test for mold and fungus at Great Plains Lab?

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Id be interested in hearing from anyone who has done the mycotoxin test at Great Plains lab. I pasted the link below. Tempted by it but have my concerns on the test, one of which is im Wondering if near eceryome will have elevations of one of the first two markers and almost no one will have elevations of any of the others. Note that no percentiles are given reflecting how common a result is. Another concern is their ultrahigh sensitivity for detection in part based on correction for creatinine. If you have low creatinine in urine for reasons other than drinking alot of water, the test may greatly inflate the presence of mold that shows up. Seems like they may be stacking the deck in favor of giving elevated results.

My last OAT with them found 5 times upper limit of normal on one of the fungal markers, a result ive never had before. Might be related to a spree i had in eating raisons that smelled moldy. Curious to follow it up but then again the way these test companies work is that one test is designed to get you to take more tests so not sure its worth my investment of tine and money.

Therefore curious to see the numbers from anyone who has taken the great plains version Thanks
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My primary doctor recently did a mold allergy test on me, said I was highly reactive. Not sure what that means, I’m trying to get a copy of the testing to see what the levels were.

Even with the testing, I’m not sure what else can be done, other than stay away from molds?