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Anyone heard of Dr. Nikoleta Koini, of the Functional Medical Corporation?


Senior Member
It looks like a pretty standard functional medicine website:

Her viewpoint is that CFS is adrenal fatigue:

It's not clear exactly what treatment she would use, to me, from what she's said. I'm happy to try out more hormones and more supplements - I've had some success with hormones and supplements.

I'm keen on finding a functional medicine doctor who knows about CFS as well as hormone stuff - and this practice seems to have the right ballpark knowledge. They also know about autoimmune illnesses and neurological and metabolic illnesses, all of which could be linked to CFS for all I know. This is a really strong selling point for me.

Also, they do telemedicine which sounds like it is video calling. That's great because it means I don't have to travel.

And they have actual medical doctors, not just people who have taken a functional medicine diploma without a foundation of traditional medical knowledge.

I haven't tried out the adrenal fatigue route before, so I'm open to trying it. I have been chronically stressed out with PTSD symptoms all my life really, which I am actively working on in several ways.

I'd love to hear if anyone has tried out this practice.

And also I'd be keen to hear of other functional medicine doctor recommendations.

Many thanks.