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Anyone have Access to this Article?

Do any of you have any subscriptions to medical journals that would grant you access to the article entitled:

"Relationships between immunity and dietary and serum antioxidants, trace metals, B vitamins, and homocysteine in elderly men and women" ?

I'm trying to find the section that talks about homocysteine and immunity, particularly.....

"To our knowledge this is the first study to report associations between homocysteine and immunity in the elderly or between serum IL-2R and nutritional..."

I notice my immunity is considerably better when my homocysteine is not elevated (it was prior to targeted supplementation) and I'd like to find any researched connections between homocysteine and immunity that may reflect my personal finding with better immunity.

Thanks. :Retro smile:


Hi nitekitty,

Welcome to the forums.

We don't post full text articles that are available by subscription in the public forums, but I will put a pdf of the article here for you now. Please let me know when you have saved it to your desktop so that I can remove it from this post.

REMOVED PDF (I'll put a copy in the Library)