Anyone had this? ‘Covid toes’ may be caused by a powerful immune response.


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Anyone had something similar to this? Im asking not in relation to Covid19 disease, I wonder if it also happens due to exposure to other viruses as well.

I remember I had this happening on one or two toes a couple of times before I relapsed in 2019. Wonder if you guys also have experienced it?


‘Covid toes’ may be caused by a powerful immune response, a new study finds.

«The painful condition often appears in people who test negative for the virus, indicating that their bodies have fought it off.

"The French researchers analyzed blood samples and skin biopsies from 50 patients who had chilblainlike lesions for the first time in April 2020, and who were referred to St.-Louis Hospital in Paris.

Slightly more than half of the patients had other symptoms suggestive of Covid-19, like coughing, shortness of breath and loss of smell, but all of them tested negative for the virus on PCR tests.

The samples showed high levels of Type 1 interferon, a protein that activates the body’s immune system to fight viruses, but which may also cause damage.

The researchers also found high levels of an antibody that can inadvertently attack the body’s own cells. Abnormal changes in the linings of the blood vessels may also play a role in the lesions, the study suggests."

Adding a photo I found in another article.


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Associated with me/cfs had skin problem mostly on the hands, mostly in 2016, looks a bit different to that though, its like a chemical burn or rash, and red dots and rings that appear on the fingers and back of my hand, theirs looks more like bruising or blisters. I also had terrible arthritic like pain in my fingers but its not an issue nowadays.


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Same appearing situation with several toes, only the swelling was on the underside and it wasn't painful (maybe because all the swelling was on the underside?). I never could figure out what started it, and it went away after a month or so.

Interesting to look back years later and wonder if it fits into everything else...