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Anyone else with medicine intolerance but no problems with food?

I am still clueless why I cannot take any medical pill anymore (get new neuro symptoms from it) but have no problems at all with food.

Anyone else with a general medicine intolerance?


Senior Member
I had allergies to inhaled chemicals (MCS) but no obvious bad reactions to prescription drugs before I got ME (acute viral onset). The food problems only started after a year of ME. I noticed that I had problems with birth control pills, antibiotics and other things straight away when ME struck.

What neuro symptoms do you get Bedman and with what drugs?
Hi ukxmrv,

what problems do you have with the pills you mentioned?

I get neuro symptoms like nerve pain, tingling, brain fog and not being able to move my arms from every pill I swallow - vitamins, antibiotics, immunemodulators, herbs.