Anyone Else Find Meditation Greatly Helps Their Condition?


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Columbus, Ohio
About me: 26 y/o male. Mild ME/CFS for 9 years now. Have been able to "function" and most of my symptoms are related to cognition and brain fog. The best I have ever been was probably sophomore year of college when I was on 450 mg wellbutrin and meditating for 40 minutes a day.

In February I did a new neurofeedback protocol and it f'd me up big time. I only did 40 minutes total (2 sessions) of this new protocol but my god, I am just bone tired all of the time and dont even have the energy to watch tv sometimes. I have had to take off work and have two more months offs. I also gave myself horrible, horrible derealization but this is slowly going away. I didnt realize just how good I had it as far as ME/CFS goes. Currently my energy levels are at 30-40% what they used to be. I am hoping that this treatment doesnt stick or last forever for obvious reasons. In the meantime I want to try and get back on Wellbutrin if I can tolerate it and also start meditating again. I am kind of scared with how severe and recent my derealization was, however, but meditation isnt what caused this.

Has anyone else found meditation to be super, super helpful?