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Any improvement on Tamiflu? (oseltamivir)


In my lists f drugs to never ever ever try again. I thoguht I was going to die. It gives nausea. I have POTs and my gag reflux once it goes on I cannot turn it off.
I have chimo nausea medicine for those ocations but I was throwing up by every whole I posses.


Senior Member
I have come across someone who is mostly housebound and at times bed bound who has seen profound improvement on tamiflu. I'm wondering has anyone else been prescribed this and experienced improvement in ME symptoms?

Do you have any more details, such which viruses this person has as active infections?

Tamiflu is an antiviral for influenzavirus, and influenzavirus is not normally associated with ME/CFS. So it is hard to see how this drug would benefit ME/CFS, unless it is by some other mechanism not related to its anti-influenzavirus action.

Although the influenza A H2N2 virus (Asian flu virus) epidemic of 1957 did see lots of people getting ME/CFS after apparently being infected with this influenza, which perhaps suggests influenzavirus might be able to trigger ME/CFS in some cases.