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Any Advice on Where to find good Enteric Coated Capsules?


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I ordered a vitamin online I want to put into an acid resistant capsule, but oddly enough I was having trouble finding enteric coated pills (apparently they are sealed after the stuff is put inside them). Then I started reading about HPMC capsules and got confused.

Anyone have a good link for stomach acid resistant capsules and/or can explain if HPMC capsules are as good, worse, or better than enteric coated capsules?

Thanks for any replies,

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thanks and I ordered and got some, like them so far.
Hi Charles, some of us have been discussing enteric coated capsules. I looked at this source but evidently, capsules that are coated after they are filled, are more apt to survive the stomach and open in the small intestines--which is what some of us need. When you say that you like them so far, do you have any sense of where, in the intestinal tract, they are releasing?