Another person being Sought


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Clay, Alabama
Laurel's thread inspires this.

I was keeping up with a girl in UK named Daiisy, I think. Or Daiisyo. Her real name might be Daisy.

She is in UK. The first post I saw of her was when she was about 12. She was explaining ME. She was perky that day, but had cognitive problems. And toward the end of her video she said she was feeling headache or something and needed to stop. She was super cute. (Reminded me of myself at that age. ;))

I saw other videos on YouTube from her. One she was ill in bed. Another was her talking about how stupid smoking was. (She had found out her friend had started smoking.) I can't remember the other one, but it was something like her saying the same word over and over again in different ways.

A year later, she posted and she was clearly going into another stage of adolescence. She had painted her fingernails a dark color and her look was a little on the overall dark, rebellious side.

She mentioned she is an atheist, I think.

I have looked her up (as best I can without remember her exact name), and I can't find her. Her old video is not popping up like it used to.

I would love to know how she is doing and what she is up to.

Oh, I should have said, she lives in UK somewhere.