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Another celebrity comes out: Kris Kristofferson finds Lyme treatment has improved his failing memory

Antares in NYC

Senior Member
He was first misdiagnosed with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Turns out he had Lyme, and the treatment is improving his severe memory issues:
Kris Kristofferson finds Lyme treatment has improved his failing memory

According to a June 6 article in Rolling Stone, singer/songwriter Kris Kristofferson has suffered from increasingly debilitating memory loss in recent years. Initially, doctors attributed it to either Alzheimer’s or dementia resulting from long-ago blows to the head. Then, says Rolling Stone:

Earlier this year, a doctor decided to test Kristofferson for Lyme disease. The test came back positive. His wife believes he picked it up from a tick as he crawled around the forest floor in Vermont for six weeks while filming the movie Disappearances.

“He was taking all these medications for things he doesn’t have, and they all have side effects,” she says. She is wearing one of her husband’s tour merchandise shirts. After he gave up his Alzheimer’s and depression pills and went through three weeks of Lyme-disease treatment, Lisa was shocked. “All of a sudden he was back,” she says. There are still bad days, but “some days he’s perfectly normal and it’s easy to forget that he is even battling anything.” READ MORE.



Senior Member
I saw this yesterday. I am a huge fan of his on so many levels, and share so many of his views. Now I share a disease with him, and I wish I didn't for his sake.

Lyme is transcending generations of Stars in life, and in the media which follow them.

sarah darwins

Senior Member
Cornwall, UK
Kris Kristofferson played the Glastonbury festival the other day and that got me Googling him and finding out he has lyme. There's a very good interview in the HuffPo with his wife, describing Kris' misdiagnosis (Alzheimer's) and the long journey of treatment and improvement.

article: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry...istoffersons-long_us_577c047be4b00a3ae4ce6609

Johnny Depp took a turn on guitar during his Glastonbury gig, which you can watch here if you're in the UK:


Might find it on YouTube otherwise.

Kris K is clearly not in the greatest of health, but from what his wife says he's made huge gains with treatment from a lyme-literate doc. That he can play a major festival at all says something. Great guy, and a treat to see him still performing those wonderful songs:

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 10.11.19.png