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Annual blood tests?


Senior Member
I read something on Twitter today about someone with ME/CFS who is scheduled every 12 months to have blood tests. This strikes me that it should be so for us all. We could easily fall victim to something very sinister as our every day symptoms could easily "mask" something else which had developed.

Mouse girl

Senior Member
yes, you are right! I have had a few dangerous things found in the last few years that i just figured with me getting sicker. and just found some stuff on a ultra sound which is annoying. i almost didn't go because it was almost impossible to get an apointment with their new system, the back and forth took months. i wish they told me what they found and where just told me, there was somethign there that they thought was beign or was benign (don't know how they know that and wish i could talk to a damm person about it!) and to follow up with another in a few months. meanwhile, foudn out medicare doesn't cover women's med issues like they used to, so yeah, i spend more than $700 a month on health insurance and end up paying out of pocket for most things, except, oddly enough, my main doc who treats cfs/me.