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I just ran across the area on this site that talks about anesthesia in CFS patients. Wow. Two experiences came to mind for me. When I had surgery about a dozen years ago I was really, really out of it when I came to and for hours after that. The nurses described later like it was really unusual. After surgery (total hysterectomy), they said it would take about 6-8 weeks to recover from the surgery. I swear it was a whole year before I returned to "normal" energy.
The other memory that came to mind was when I was a kid at the dentist and got "the gas." It did weird things to me and I freaked out. I can still remember the feeling 45 - 50 years later. On the plus side, I never did drugs in college because I was afraid it would feel like the dentist gas!
What experiences with anesthesia have you had? Any weirdness or out of the ordinary experiences?


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@Booble....I've had plenty of experiences with anesthetics. Some not too pleasant, I may add. Usually though, I spring back out of the anesthetic and then spend the rest of the day being hyper-vigilant. Why? No one knows...they haven't seen that type of reaction before (or so they say). Really, I don't expect perfection, after all, we're difficult people to work with and the doctors do their best. But, yes, like you I've had odd outcomes. Usually it affects my sleep and makes it even worse than before (which is pretty bad).

I can't say about the healing b/c right now I'm undergoing what's been an ongoing event for the past 8 mos. (5 hosptalizations, 2 very near death experiences in those mos.). If it's any indication, I'll tell you that an epileptic seizure threw me about 6" off a step & I ended up with one broken wrist and some very sore fingers. Healing has gone well, so I'm thankful about that. I'm just trying to keep a very low profile with hospitals and doctors over the next few weeks...really, I'd rather keep it that way forever. However, they've been very helpful and are quite puzzled about what's going on. I think most of us have different reactions to anesthetics and, of course, they've changed so much over the years. Stay healthy so you don't need them!! Yours, Lenora.