Andrea's Advocacy Request 01.07.10


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From Facebook Entry January 7, 2010

This press release has been sent to every article that has been published. Yes we need all of you to write and ask them to tell the whole story. It's time to put on our boxing gloves! United :) @Carla, Carlos, Hunter Hopkins , At everybody that can it's time to Unite under one Cause. Please email me and let's get to work.
It's literally Psychiatry against Science
Who's for Science????


ETA: Andrea has now added further details down further in the thread:
Writing the papers with your personal story . especially Science, Discover, Nature, Economist, the UK papers , And any papers that published this . The thing is Plos One should not be getting this much coverage. It's CFS that's why. It sells papers . Let's take advantage of right now at this moment they are focused on this disease and educate them about ME/CFS from a personal point of view.

Andrea says in the thread that they are working on new information. This is her latest Facebook post today:

Psychiatrists VS. Scientists
WPI has written a press release published in notes. We have sent this out far and wide to the people covering the UK study. We are at this moment working on new information and I will publish when authorized to do so. In the mean time if you would like to write the people who have covered t...his story this always helps the media to get both points of view . A reporter once told me personal stories are the best way to get to the media. After all they are like you and me. Most really want to show the human side of things. Google XMRV and UK and you will see the articles written. Please feel free to leave your comments , questions and concerns. The gloves are off get ready to Unite and Fight, Fight, Fight!!!
Andrea W.G.

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Just posting what we've done

In response to Andrea's request, i've sent Andrea and Frankie all press email addresses from press agencies in The Netherlands.
They will send out the original and the latest press statement from WPI to all addresses they can get their hands on.

So, if you are able to collect and/or send them email addresses from press agencies in YOUR country...
It's another step we can take.

Summer, thanks for posting this here.

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