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An action to secure ME/CFS funding


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Hi friends,

I made this page on my website that has contact information for senator Ed Markey and a call script to contact him regarding actions to secure larger amounts of research funding. This is what I wrote to explain why I think this is important:

"I need help with securing more commitments for research funding for ME/CFS, starting with our best congressional allies–in particular–Ed Markey from Massachusetts. While Markey has been one of if not the most vocal supporter of ME/CFS in the Senate, his legislative commitments have still been very small amounts of funding that are not close to what we need to get a cure soon. As a person with severe ME/CFS, I need help demanding better from our allies. While it seems counterintuitive to demand more from your allies than those who are indifferent, Ed Markey actually listens to patients and constituents, and so we have a better chance at getting through to him than we do with other people in congress. So I will provide a general phone script and then the contact info of his various offices."

The contact information and script can be found here: https://walkerstorz.com/an-urgent-action-to-secure-me-cfs-research-funding/ .

Please forward to your friends and family members who may be able to do this. Of course you can edit the script to include your own words, and in fact, that will probably make it more effective.

Also, if you haven't already, please check out senator Markey's platforms and encourage anyone you know who lives in Massachusetts to vote for him (or even volunteer/donate) in the upcoming primaries. Here is his website: https://www.edmarkey.com/ . It's imperative that he win this race and be able to advocate for us in the senate.



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