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Amino Acids for Hyperammonemia, Candida, And Nerve Repair?

Phew.. hell of a title. And with that as well, I'm not sure where to post this because it falls under so many symptoms and categories.. But I'll try to keep it short..

Basically, I have Hyperammonemia of the Liver, as well as hyperammonemic encephalopathy and neuropathy. I have candida.. sibo.. potentially h pylori, a 'yeast overgrowth' of other nature, which according to my doctor isn't necessarily candida (go figure). I have very bad dysautonomia to the point where my emotions are nonexistant and I cant feel any of the ridiculous amounts of pain I had before, anymore.. only tingling and a skin crawling feeling (in my abdomen.. gallbladder/stomach/vagus nerve).

I'm allergic to almost everything you can think of.. which is a problem in and of itself and literally killing me, because I'm eating foods that are constantly giving me immune reactions, and I have yet to find even the slightest CLUE of an answer to what to do about that, anywhere.

And the bottom line is nothing works.. I'm basically on my way out the door here, my aldosterone levels have been almost '0' for half my life (which is the actual root cause of this all), my other hormones are dropping rapidly, my liver function, etc etc yadda yadda and so on.. it's all real fun to talk about.

Atm I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to basically.. prolong my life, though I'm not quite sure I know why anymore. But mostly it's the fact that I am suddenly now INCAPABLE of sleep (very much different from the insomnia ive had most of my life) and that's a nightmare that's actually far worse than the idea of my upcoming death.

I've got a (very) few last ditch effort supplements to try.. to at least help me with my nerves and sleep, but I need to deal with the other stuff.. particularly the ammonia, candida/sibo, and maybe as a bonus the nerve stuff I guess.

I know a lot about nutrition, supplements, and vitamins/minerals in particular.. however I know very little about many (most) specific amino acids that go with these things. Though I know that, obviously, too much protein is what leads to the ammonia issues.. along with contributions from bacteria overgrowths.

So I'm looking specifically for the following, which I'll pose in seperate questions..

1) What amino acids are most beneficial for hyperammonia, on an otherwise low protein diet? I have read that glutamine, carnitine, and arginine help with this, but I've not had any success with those.. and I know that there are others. In otherwords.. (since my GI doc basically shrugged his shoulders) when patients do a low protein diet but take amino acids to fill in the gaps for hyperammonemia/encephalopathy - what specific aminos acids are they taking? Which ones are most essential for health and recovery?

More specifically.. which amino acids should I try to avoid? Methionine for instance? I believe people with my condition(s) often have high methionine, correct?

2) Which amino acids are most helpful in the removal of candida/sibo waste and acetaldehyde? Or best taken to help deal with such problems?

3) Which amino acids are most beneficial for nerve repair.. specifically dysautonomia? I've read that BCAAs are great for this.. however I had a terrible reaction to them myself.. one of the worst ive ever had to anything, and Im not sure if this just means I needed to go slower and take WAY less or what? Are there other amino acids that can help with the nervous system, neuropathy, and nerve repair in general?

Well that ended up being not the least bit "short" at all, as usual.. I've got way too much stuff on my plate. Would appreciate any specific answers to the questions I've asked.. though I'm not sure how many people even know this information themselves. If you can help though, thanks in advance.


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AA supplement is best with guidance from a serum (blood) AA test. I just had a friend who uses Life Extension who offers writing orders for blood tests though LabCorp. AA test was very reasonably priced.

Keep in mind that vitamins and proper mineral balances are essential for AA and that AA (proteins) make up most in the body. Mineral levels should be checked via hair testing, I like Trace Elements Inc (I am a licensed provider but have no monetary interest in recommending them).

The ammonia is the urea cycle which is orthinine dependent. (please double check). If supplementing AA, it is advised to not exceed 2000mg for individual AAs, second to take a general AA full spectrum to prevent skew and lastly to supplement with b vitamins such as b12, folic acid and b6 as without these, the AAs will not convert. Free form seem to be the best.


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Hi @DFams

Were you diagnosed with ME/CFS?

Regarding your ammonia issues , i am really baffled that no doctor has given you a solution. There could be a solution -and a very easy one- but it is not wise on my behalf to write you what to do, as i am not a doctor.

You will have to visit a hepatologist so that he can give you the right medication.


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Regarding the SIBO, I'm sure you know it produces gross amounts of ammonia as well. I took one course of Rifaximin for my SIBO. Worked wonders. It lowered my ammonia drastically. Then I started on a probiotic regime known to lower ammonia production in the gut. The yeast overgrowth could very likely be causing your allergy issues with food as well as contributing to your ammonia load. Have you tried taking quercetin? It is a mast cell stabilizer. It also helps fight yeast in the gut. Have you considered that b12 deficiency could be causing your nerve issues? Problems with the liver as well as yeast overgrowth can often lead to deficiency of b12.

Have you tried NAC for detoxing the ammonia? It worked better than the glutamine for me. One more thing, concerning the low protein diet, it is a very fine balance. If you go to low you will induce a catabolic state which causes more ammonia to enter your blood stream. It's a very fine line to dance around.

Have you tried binders to remove the waste from your yeast die off? Things like charcoal and betonite clay could be helpful. Also milk thistle can really help things along. It is great for ammonia detox as well. Good luck, I hope one of these ideas will be useful to you. Hang in there.