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Always feeling sick, suffocating (numbness/weakness), and cold after exercise or even doing anything

So...I think a big part of my symptoms is embodied by a sense of odd sickliness and losing touch with a (very stressed out feeling) body.

I could go outside and start feeling numb and like my insides are melting after awhile. Really a wired red light feel. Sun? Nope, doesn't make me feel much better.

Like, I felt okay before but burning off just 25 calories on the stationary bike...the symptoms flared up and...
And then it's almost like I start losing feeling of my entire body.
My legs and feet still feeling icy despite feeling like I was on the fringe of sweating.

I do have a bit of asthma, but it isn't the type that flares up in exercise--it's just kinda there. .

It feels like the dangerzone past a certain pint because I start feeling extremely weak and on the fringe of passing out. I do sometimes feel faint when standing up. Nurses have said my blood flow is slow.

My nose is probably the more peculiar symptom...if I breathe a bit more, is that why my sinuses start feeling pressured and painful for hours after I exercise, but also have the sense of breathing? Why are my eyes stinging and pressured and droopy too? Like, they looked fine before exercising...and they feel extremely taut.

Ooh and for reference, I was standing up on the bike, not down...my circulation shouldn't have been cut off.

This reminds me of when I went to the dorm with my dormmates. We all did the same exercise except I ended up crudding out and just walking mostly...we were all very sedentary, some of the others were fat, and this was our first time working out. So afterwards I was feeling awful and my dormmates were shocked by how I felt and was asking if I was ok and saying that I looked like I was dying.
One had asthma btw too and was fat but she felt ok and looked bright, just sweaty. I looked dry, haggard, and like I had aged 10 years or something...I even captured proof.

I realize that maybe the key to my issues is getting my body to function right in exercise because clearly something's going wrong!

Do you guys have any advice for me?
have you been tested for OI issues?
You mean brittle bone disease? No but I doubt I'd have it.

bone fracture, bluish tinge of the white of the eye, bone tissue formation, bow legs, bruising, callus, enlarged head, hearing loss, physical deformity, scoliosis, short stature, or stiffness

Yeah I only got like...bruising - let's just say I get mystery bruises all the time on my legs - stiffness and some hearing loss.
Have you ruled out Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) or electrosensitivity ?



oooh...well, looked it up, the symptoms aren't inaccurate but the condition is..very fringe. But hey, might as well at least do little things like stop sleeping with my phone right next to me (bad habit regardless).

If this somehow is a thing then that'd prob make SO much more sense how going into dense industrial/populated areas makes me feel ill and blows up my symptoms...But 100%, there was 4 days that I felt extremely good and aware even out in public all day so that kinda breaks that theory.
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OI stands for Orthostatic Intolerance.
Yup, sounds pretty familiar. Hm....

What weirded me out was looking at this site's page on it and finding this:

Since showering often increases symptoms consider taking your shower at night rather than in the morning (and stay away from hot showers.)

And I was shocked because yup that's been happening! Showers make my symptoms far worse and it's far, far more of an abrupt effect then simply walking around at home.

Ok, I'm definitely gonna try some of the suggestions. I get the feel that even if OI isn't it, the symptoms and blood flow issues are so similar that it seems practical for me to pursue this.

Oh...offnote, would Benadyrl have any sort of effect upon OI or are histamines unrelated to it 100%?
Ok, so update. I looked into OI and considering everything I ended up starting off with something odd..putting 1/4 tsp of sea salt and no-salt (potassium) in with creatine in my coffee for the past days.

And...tbh, the days I have gone out (all day) or hung at home...I felt much stronger.
One was extremely notable as I was walking around quite a bit and feeling a bit alive.
Even on the bus home I felt much stronger than usual and my headachy brain fog was gone!

I think the single-handed most shocking thing is that...the eye (area) fatigue, pressure, and pain has nearly vanished when I go out--usually this is something that dramatically worsens as the day goes on and has been happening since...forever. However the dryness (even after sleep it feels painfully dry on the eyeball) is still present. But, hey, I'm happy with the change. What I don't get is that the only other thing that seems to help the eye issue is zyrtec or benadryl (which I quit taking this week)--hell, sometimes, those two things make me feel more awake.

I'm aware that it could be placebo, but I tried a ton more things that I thought would work but didn't at all. Looking back I feel like the boost/clearing happens 1-3 hours after drinking the coffee. Have no idea if I'm imagining the progress but I have to say, this week has been one of the better ones in a long time. Oh, I also noticed that my feet/hands aren't icy cold like they perpetually are all year and that has stayed consistent for the week. Not sure if that's significant or not.